I believe in Music

Music is one of those things that lasts forever. Songs have a huge impact on our lives. There is a song out there for just about every emotion or situation. So many that are associated with memories – both good and bad. Music has this power to understand and explain your emotions to you. There is a quote from movie I love that explains how I feel about music.

I believe in music… The way that some people believe in fairy tales.

Anyway, back to the original purpose for this post. When I was little, my dad loved to leave the radio on all day when he was at home. He loved rock & roll, doo wop, motown, and country. I still remember those songs. As I grew up, boy bands, punk and pop stars were my go to. That changed to rock, alternative and indie as I went into high school. There’s also some RnB, hip hop and rap on my iPod now.  If you ask my friends about my music tastes, they would probably tell you it’s a mess. I like so many different genres. I get a kick out of discovering old songs that I used to love. So I thought I’d share some of the songs/artists I love right now. They are all different and I like them for different reasons. There’s a mix of genres and styles.

  1. Sam Hunt – Take your time. He is my newest country music obsession.
  2. Taylor Swift – 1989 (the entire album). For copyright reasons I can’t post her songs but here’s a mash up of the different songs on her album.
  3. Lifehouse – there are a lot of great songs. Here is one from the newest album.
  4. Hozier – Work Song
  5. John Mayer
  6. The Script – any album.
  7. Benny Tipene – Walking on water
  8. Imagine Dragons – I’m so sorry
  9. Ed Sheeran – One
  10. Jessie Ware – Say you love me
  11. Bryan Adams – So many good songs
  12. Lorde – Kinda have to love her, she’s a New Zealander.
  13. Bon Iver
  14. Cold War Kids – First
  15. Bon Jovi – Its My Life.

There are probably more that I could add but the list would go on forever. So I hope this gives you a taste of what I listen to. And, if you have any recommendations for music I should listen too, leave me a comment.


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