Who run the world?

Girls… Women. Those who identify with the female persuasion.

In honour of International Women’s Day, this post is dedicated to all the fabulous women in my life. To those I haven’t had the pleasure to me yet. And to myself, as I learn to become more comfortable in my own skin.

I have had the good fortune of having some amazing women in my life and although we celebrate mother’s day, valentine’s day, and birthdays, we don’t often get the chance to celebrate women in general. I mean, why shouldn’t we? Us, womenfolk, we’re pretty damn great. I’m so not ashamed to say that I am a feminist. So I guess this post was a long time coming.

So I wanted to take the opportunity today and look at some women who I find inspirational and who in all honesty make me proud to be a woman. These women are just three of the many brilliant woman I have come across. In the past year or so, I have had felt the influence of these woman in my life in some way. In no particular order…

Amy Poehler/ Leslie Knope 

I’m grateful for Leslie Knope. I’m grateful for Amy Poehler for give us such an awesome character. My love for Amy in SNL was what led me to watch Parks and Rec and for that I could not be more appreciative. ALL the women on that show are so great. But I especially love Leslie. Leslie is a tenacious problem solver, one that often has to think outside the box to get the job done. She is all about solving the issue without betraying her own code of ethics, which in politics is always a tough job. While she occasionally gets lured into doing things for praise and admiration, her main motivation for any one task at her job, big or small, is wanting to help people. Leslie also loves her friends. She loves the women in her life, to the point where she created Galentine’s Day as a reason to celebrate her female relationships. Leslie fails, too. She fails hard. She makes mistakes but she learns from them.


Amy, herself is also such an inspiring woman. I love listening to what she has to say and her take on things as mother, a friend, a successful career woman. If you get the chance, have a look at her youtube channel, Smart Girls at the Party. If you like books, her book called Yes Please is also a good read. It’s honest, funny and encouraging.


Sheryl Sandberg

Those of my friends who put up with me while I read Lean In, and continued to rave about about ever since, I sorry but you are going to have to hear it one more time.


Facebook’s COO is arguably the most influential woman in business. Now, even after personal tragedy, she wants to spread her influence and get women into seats of power everywhere. She has achieved many great things in her life, and her success led her to writing Lean In; Women Work and the Will to Lead. She wanted to start a conversation about women and the workplace and educate people on the biases they held. Her book has a powerful message but that is also full of personal vulnerability and first-hand anecdotes, packed with statistics and footnoted studies that back her points. She writes about her divorce in her 20s and how she felt it signified a personal failing, about how, as a girl, she felt ashamed when people called her “bossy,” and how she was racked with self-doubt while a college student, even though she was near the top of her class at Harvard. Those are just a few of many examples.
The entire way through the book, I kept thinking that it was so true! So much of what she said resonated with me as a recent graduate and as a woman. I have tried to get so many people to read her book and see what she has to say. I wholeheartedly recommend it.
If books aren’t your style, watch her Ted Talks.

Felicity Smoak

Felicity Megan Smoak is my beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, too pure. Never have I loved a character so much that I feel the need to protect them from others. I am a huge fan of CW’s Arrow. I am a fangirl of all things Olicity. And although I love Oliver Queen and Stephen Amell…I absolutely adore Felicity Smoak.


In my humble opinion the greatest girl character on Arrow is Felicity Smoak. She just shines. When we first meet Felicity, she is presented as a kind of dorky computer girl recruited and trusted by Walter Steele. Oliver requests her tech expertise by blatantly lying to her about what she is helping him with. She see right through him. One of the nice things was that Felicity is not ever introduced to us as a potential love interest. And I liked that about her. She is first and foremost a skilled equal. But this doesn’t mean that she’s not sexy. She is. I mean, the bright lipstick, the tight dresses and skirts, her heels, the industrial piercing? Then there is the fact that she babbles. She says out loud the things that we might say as we are taking in the eye candy that is Oliver Queen and it’s a relief, because someone has got to notice in that world that he is ridiculously hot. Oliver invites Felicity to the fold, and he grows to respect and admire her. They move from colleagues, to friends, to something more, girlfriend,  fiance…organically. It was never forced. Oliver needs Felicity as the brains of his operation, but she is also the heart. The conscience. As the show has grown, so has Felicity. We see her become more confidant in her abilities and her role on the team. We have seen her insecurities and doubts. We’ve seen her be strong in the midst of turmoil and also vulnerable when in came to matters of the heart.


I personally admire her ability to wear her heart on her sleeve, her fortitude, integrity. She may not wear a costume but she is a superhero in her own right. Sure, she’s the quirky one, and the one I identify with the most because she’s exactly the girl I would want to be in a comic book.

I could honestly go on forever, listing all the amazing women I have come across. Family, friends, celebrities, artist, political figures, activists, fictional characters…etc. Maybe I’ll have another three woman to share with you next year.

Until then… I have multiple assignments waiting for me. My procrastination must come to an end.

Happy International Women’s Day!


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