The Return (to blogging) – A Sequel

One year gone, another just arrived.

Welcome to 2017.

It couldn’t have come sooner. We call all agree on that.

Like the title of this blog post implies, I’m back. To blogging (just wanted to make that clear.) In recent conversation with a friend, we talked about how much has changed in our lives so quickly and what those change meant for us. As the conversation evolved she mentioned how she missed writing – for her self and for her blog. Which then got me thinking about my blog and so…VOILA! HERE I AM.

Last year was a doozy. While I was caffeinated as usual, I just wasn’t feeling all that curious. The year had started off on such a good note and then things drastically deteriorated and then it sort of got better and then everything turned to shit.

But for he most part, I felt like last year happened to me. What I mean by that is, most of the things that happened in the year that shall not be named felt out of my control. It left me feeling unmotivated and helpless. I was basically wallowing in a lot of self-pity. It was a shitty year, okay!

Keeping all that in mind, I knew that something had to give. I spent December 201* in a state of mindfulness. Thinking about what went wrong and what I could do differently. I noticed that a lot of the problems I was focusing on were mine. A significant part of the problem was that I thought things were supposed to go according to the plan I had made for myself at the start of the year and they didn’t. I was selfish enough to think that I knew  how things were supposed to be and “Woe is me, nothings is going according to MY plan.”


If I have to be honest about last year, a lot of what happened was shitty but I still had the power of make different choices, even if it was just in the way I reacted to things. The key thing I realised (better late than never) was that I had the power. I needed to use it wisely.

So thus my plan to tackle 2017 was born!

In the most straightforward way possible, I knew that this year I had to be more deliberate. More intentional. With my time. With my choices. With my priorities.


This year I chose to set intentions. These aren’t over the top goals that I can’t see my self achieving by the end of this year. They’re small changes that I hope will a big difference when I look back on this year. The idea came about when I read this quote …


It got me thinking about all the time I was wasting dwelling over things that were out of my control, or that I wished had happened differently. My time was taken up by things, people, moments that in the grand scheme of things wouldn’t matter so much. In a way, I was being too generous with it, and I didn’t even realise it was happening. Sometimes, it was me just being lazy and not putting effort in where it was needed, other times it was trying to help people who didn’t reciprocate in any shape or form which then led to me wondering what I had done to deserve this kind of treatment.

When I finally understood that I can only control my own actions and reactions, I knew what had to change. I had to get smart. I needed to change my role, and be more intentional. The key thing being not to prioritize what was already on my schedule but to schedule my priorities.

So, this year, I am choosing to be intentional. Especially with my time. I will put my time and energy into things that matter most to me. I’m choosing people who choose me. I am making things happen. I will take the small steps needed to reach the larger goals that I have for myself.

Hopefully by the end of this year, when I find myself looking back on all that has been said and done, I will like what I see.


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